SR&ED Investment Tax Credits



check In-depth technical review and evaluation of projects undertaken during the taxation year to identify all opportunities qualifying for an investment tax credit.

check Preparation of professionally written technical reports required by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to be filed with the corporate income tax return.

check Provision of support and guidance with respect to identifying and quantifying all eligible costs incurred during development efforts.

check Preparation of project cost summaries required to substantiate claims.

check Support in the event of a technical or financial review by CRA.

You will work directly with an alliance of TRS, a highly reputable SR&ED firm founded in 1991, whose key personnel include:


B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science (Aerospace).

Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering (Robotics).

Total of (25) years of engineering and management experience in a number of R&D fields, including aerospace, robotics and medical devices.

Vice President

(30) years of combined experience in SR&ED, corporate finance, and labour relations of which the past (20) years have been spent exclusively in SR&ED program, especially all aspects related to the identification of qualifying costs.

Senior Technical Consultant

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

(33) years of experience in the automotive industry.

(14) years of SR&ED experience across many industry sectors in Canada and the US.

Partner from a Big 4 accounting firm.

Senior Financial Advisor

(35) years of experience with CRA, including positions as SR&ED Financial Review Manager and Team Leader both in “Audit” and “Quality Assurance”.

Senior SR&ED Manager from a Big 4 accounting firm.