Commodity Tax Recovery


check mark Pre-audit of GST/HST and PST at TRS office using accounts payable data downloaded by client on CD or USB drive.


check mark On-site A – Z review of suppliers’ invoices in conjunction with review of data.


check mark Tour of facilities to develop an understanding of operations and sales tax issues.


check mark Review of relevant records including G/L Chart of Accounts, tax accounts, journal entries, previous government audit assessments, and other.


check mark Analysis of ITCs to identify large changes in monthly activity. 


check mark Analysis of monthly GST/HST collected and average tax rate to highlight possible billing errors.


check mark Review of suppliers’ invoices or journal entries to ensure RITCs on specified property and services are correctly calculated and filed on monthly GST/HST returns.


check mark Discussion of savings and exposure in GST/HST, RST, and QST identified during the review.


check mark On-site training of accounting and purchasing personnel. This would include recommendations to achieve cost-efficiencies in processing transactions and accounting procedures.


check mark Completion of TRS report, Excel worksheets, and document-supported refund applications within seven (7) days from completion of field review.


check mark Technical support via telephone and email.